My company uses a private charter and I still have success using my aerocover. Even though it’s a private charter, I still don’t trust the cleanliness of the seats.
Coach or First Class, Public or Privte
My husband and I used our aerocovers on a red-eye international flight. I’m not much of a germa-phob  but I actually did like putting my head back against my headrest knowing it was covered.
Relief for the Red Eye
I am a business traveler and use my Aerocover on every flight. It is easy for me to put in my travel bag during a business trip and is easily accessible when I get on a plane.
Stowable Headrest Cover
Aerocover saved me on a 4 hour flight. I rested peacefully knowing my headrest was clean.
Comfort on a Long Flight
We used our Aerocovers on a recent trip to Boston. We had our own row with the kids who use the headrests to pull themselves up. I let them have at it knowing their headrests were covered. Plus my wife and I enjoyed our rest or the little rest time we had.  
Peace of Mind with the Kids
I'm lovin my Aerocover! Got it just in time for a trip to Calgary. I was actually able to get some sleep on the plane knowing my face and head were on something clean!
Clean in Calgary